I want to drum

I want to drum.

I really want to drum.

I have a beat stuck in my head that I want to drum.

Beats rock.

I love beats.

I love rhythms.

Such wonderful poetry, I know. But whoever said I needed to be a poet to drum? I don’t know anything about anything. My life is going nowhere. And I’m scared of the people on my thesis committee. And  I got an email this morning. I’m hoping it was for the very non-scary reason that I came up with, otherwise I’m about to have a mini panic attack.

What a wonderful first post. Don’t you just love the beauty in my writing? How my thesis won’t pass with such incredible writing is beyond me.

“And it’s one, two, three, on the wrong side of the lea. What were you meant for? Whatever you’re meant for. And it’s seven, eight, nine, get your shuffle back in line.”

I stop there, I disagree with the next line.


3 thoughts on “I want to drum

  1. You are a poet. And a good writer. Life shall move along soon, I shall dream with thee sista! A quote for the first comment of a new blog, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

    T’est incroyable!

    • Awwwww, thanks Sadia! I say we dream a vacation together and make it reality. Maybe not soon since I have no money, but sometime in the relatively near future insha’Allah!

      Also, I miss you! Are you in Canada yet? Because I told the pilot of your flight to make a detour and “accidentally” fly to Houston instead. So if you’ve just landed give me a call, I’ll come pick you up! 😛

  2. OMG you just insulted yourself — I’m so deeply offended. You must take it back! You are one of the most brilliant people I know, mashAllah! And don’t even say anything about your writing. I’M SO OFFENDED! You’re the best writer I know, mashAllah!!!


    More importantly than all that superficial stuff, you are a good Muslim. You are always teaching me how to be a better person!

    Stupid thesis for making you feel this way! Grrr. Thesis, how I hate thee. (Until you are published and make my sister famous :-))

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