My Twitter Dilemma

I have a dilemma. A twitter dilemma. A “twilemma” if you will.

Speaking of which, where did the phrase “if you will” come from? What does it mean exactly? If you will…humor me while I try and sound witty?

Yes, that was an attack on myself doing what I often scoff at – trying really hard to sound witty.

Anyways, to get back to my twitter dilemma. There’s this guy (Isn’t that how a lot of problems seem to start?). There’s this guy who added me on twitter. I don’t know him. Normally, I block people I don’t know who add me on twitter because they tend to be, um, let’s just say, of questionable character. This guy, however, seems pretty cool. He’s not a spam artist, he’s not from some company trying to make money (ahem, Mad Men tweep who added me the second I mentioned Mad Men), he’s an actual normal person.

Now, even that would normally not be enough to let anyone follow me, but this guy’s from Saudi. Like, Saudi Arabia. Like, seriously, that’s kind of cool. I don’t know enough people from Saudi, despite the fact that I grew up there and only spent 15 years of my life there. Everyone moved! That’s really not my fault. I don’t know enough people from Saudi who actually live there and can be a window into the country for me.

And, get this, he’s into the same things I’m into. Pretty freaky, I know. But beefore this starts sounding like I’ve developed a serious crush on this guy and am thinking about proposing to him on twitter (@personx we seem to like the same things, and you look kinda cute. Wanna get married? Except we can’t live in Saudi. The whole not driving thing, you know what I’m talking about… (Yes, I know, that’s probably more than 140 characters. The point is I’m proposing to someone on twitter! Has that ever been done??)), I’m seriously just excited! He follows some of the same people I do, and these people are people you only know of if you’re super cool like me (and, ahem, him), so I’m excited. And he tweets about some really neat things. From Riyadh!

So my twilemma is this: Should I follow him? What’s the proper twittequitte (see what I did there?) on this? I know he just randomly started following me – and that’s another thing, how on Earth did he find me? – but can I just randomly follow him back? I follow close to a hundred people on twitter, but they’re all either journalists or celebrities, and a small number of real people. Is it weird if I follow him back without any acknowledgment that we’re both following each other but don’t really know each other? I feel like that’s okay for famous people, so, for instance, if I’m following Anderson Cooper he’s obviously not going to follow me back and it’s normal and okay for me to send a tweet at him, like I did yesterday asking him a question. But this is different. This guy’s a normal, ‘real’, person. What if I like or dislike something he says and tweet at him about it? We’d be having a conversation with each other and not really know who we are. It’s not like we’ve been introduced to each other, or bothered to even say hello to each other prior to this supposed tweet-asation (does that not work as well as the others? I was going for twitter-conversation…).

I just find it kind of weird. But I guess that’s what new technologies are all about, living in the virtual world and not being weirded out by stuff like this. So I think I’m going to follow him for now and see where this takes us. 🙂

Edit: I don’t know how I forgot this, but he’s also a foreign service officer! Told you he was cool!


3 thoughts on “My Twitter Dilemma

  1. Twilemma…twittequitte…love it! I am glad you decided to follow him, how about you give us an update on how that went? 🙂

  2. haha. To be honest, I don’t even remember his name. I’m sure he’s there somewhere in my mess of a twitter feed, if he even tweets regularly, but I couldn’t tell you who he is or anything about him.

    Crazy, I know. Life moves fast!

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