On Growing Up

Movie night.

More specifically, family movie night.

Even more specifically, cousin movie night.

A time for fun right? So you would think. But I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes it’s just work. Work, and humiliation of some sort when you don’t agree with everyone else. Obviously, not agreeing can be hard no matter what the circumstances, but family tends to make it harder than it has to be.

The movie that everyone wants to watch: Pulp Fiction.

The movie I want to watch: anything else.

So starts the dilemma in my world. Why don’t I want to watch it? Because of this. That’s what IMDB is for in my world, the parental advisory page. Or the Muslim advisory page as I see it. Or the, I don’t want to watch disturbing stuff page. Call it whatever you want, it’s there for a reason. And this particular advisory page informs me that this movie contains some very disturbing scenes, not to mention close to 250 occurences of the F word. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to watch something like that.

I’ve been a horror movie addict ever since I was little thanks to a mom who loves getting spooked, but God knows I would never force a horror movie on someone who is easily frightened. Shouldn’t the same courtesy be extended to me without it being made into a big deal? If you frighten easily, I understand. Scared of ghosts? Scared of exorcisms? I get it, I really do. If I don’t want to watch something that is disturbing, really, it’s that big a deal? The movie has a publicly agreed upon disturbing rape scene for God’s sake! I’m sorry if I would like to not have that scene haunt me for the next two months.

Mind you, the movie night in questions hasn’t happened yet, it’s still a week away. So I know I’m in for some good old fashioned ‘fun’ when it comes around. Yes, they’ll change the movie, but I won’t hear the end of it for some time I’m sure.

But, at the same time, I’m happy this is happening. We’ve done enough game nights/movie nights/let’s just sit around and talk nights to where I know that it would have been different in the past. I’m sticking up for myself this time, not letting people talk me into doing things I don’t want to do, no matter how much they call for an ‘intervention’ on my behalf (in the email thread. Maybe it was said half-jokingly but half-jokes always have a level of truth to them), or act completely exasperated (Also from the email thread: “Oh mah freakin goodness. I’m just going to let ______ decide on the movie”). And the best part is, as much as reading such things is humiliating and embarrasses me, I know that, coward that I am (or was?), if some other cousin was in my place, I would be silently rooting for them, even if I wouldn’t say anything. Here’s hoping at least one of them is rooting for me this time. 🙂


One thought on “On Growing Up

  1. I LOVE U!!!! i tried to call u a few times and, i guess it didn’t go through :-(…. i miss u SISTER!!!! 🙂

    little battles yet great victories! i’m so proud of you for knowing that you would hate the movie and for getting your point across while still maintaining the fun atmosphere! YAY 🙂

    exactly, i’ve always felt that if someone strongly feels against something then that shouldn’t be the party plans! it’s better to do something that everyone sorta likes rather than something that most everyone really likes a lot and others hate. what you wrote makes complete sense to me!!!

    im missing u so much!! i will be back dec 27 inshAllah…. we are going to hyd india in a few days! i wanted to ask u if u wanted anything! let me know… I LOVE U… i will dua for u while im travelling!

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