Broken Bells

I first heard them, just a snippet of a song, in my local Barnes and Noble. This was several years ago. I’m generally able to remember lyrics to look up songs I like later, but I couldn’t quite catch the words to this song and it was such a good song that I absolutely could not leave without finding out what it was. So I went up to the cash register to ask her what song it was. She couldn’t tell me the song, but she did tell me what album was playing.

I came home, went on Amazon, and added it to my wishlist. I’ve seen it there ever since, years of just looking at it, wanting it, but not being quite sure whether it’d be worth the money. Then, of course, comes splurge time because I’m weird like that. I’ll save, save, save, and then go on some crazy spending spree on Amazon. It’s usually either in celebration or to indulge following some disappointment or sadness. This time was kind of both. So I went albums-I’ve-been-wanting-for-forever buying crazy.

God. Frikkin. Damn. HOW DID I HAVE TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS FROM BARNES AND NOBLE? It’s pure melodic, rock, rhythm goodness. It’s genius. I know the Shins are awesome, but I DIDN’T KNOW BROKEN BELLS WAS JAMES MERCER. What the hell man, who’re my music friends I depend on who totally let me down on this one?

Anyways, thought I’d share my ecstatic discovery of this sublime piece of work with you all. Enjoy responsibly, it can cause non-stop foot-tapping. (which, since I’m lying down, is slightly more than difficult than it would otherwise be, but I’m managing nonetheless).






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