Can I Stay Forever?

Mesmerized today, by a clear blue sky

Fluffy postcard clouds and fields of spinach.

Is that what they were? 

A day spent on the road, as traffic whizzed past

A day spent talking to students, 10, 11, and 8

A teacup to calm

A teacup to cheer

A teacup just sitting, waiting to be bought.


As Hogwarts appears, so close and far

A wild excitement, yet calm and thorough.

A teacup, a ride, a castle, a home.

A world, not just of your making.

Can I stay forever?



4 thoughts on “Can I Stay Forever?

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! i like your poetry…. BTW… wordpress is SO impressed its putting lots of ads… LOL… love you!!! ~ur sister

  2. that’s it! i’m inspired… im going to start blogging too…. but xanga style (i miss the ‘blog rings’ and the anonymous friends who i could relate to and who understood me)……

    ill let you know when i have it up… i think you should rejoin too!!! remember alll the great friends we made? that was awesome…… im not going to tell anyone else i actually know in real life so it can be totally real LOL

  3. PS: this is one of those random stories i told… but i read the funniest twitter comments the other day:

    “They say ignorance is bliss, but how would they know?”

    this was a guy saying this:
    “I feel like Adele is the only one who understands me”


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