Dear Macro Economics


I’d say this is a pretty good approximation of me, don’t you think? If you squint your eyes, you can make him look like a hijabi girl.

Dear Macro Economics,

I will understand you Insha’Allah.

You are not going to get the better of me. I know it is taking me embarassingly long to get through each page of each chapter explaining you, but I will not give up. Insha’Allah.

It’s been laborious. It’s been time-consuming, so difficult, and very frustrating, but I’ve plodded through and not given up yet.

Your graphs and your lines will not deter me. Your explanations will not drive me away. If it takes me an hour to understand a concept, so be it. I will understand. I will not walk away from this class not understanding.

When I get to that final, I will understand what it asks me. I will not cry from lack of understanding. That final will make sense to me. All these graphs, all these concepts, all these terms: I will understand them.

Not only will I understand them, but I will conquer them. I will be okay without sleep for some time. I will not give in. I will conquer you, oh econ material, like I have conquered no other subject before. You will become my English, my political science. You will make sense to me, and I will master you.

I will master you.



One thought on “Dear Macro Economics

  1. I LOVE IT!!!

    INSHALLAH! I’m duaing for you!!! Remember to focus on exam material (just wanna make sure you don’t get excited and try to learn stuff that isn’t on the exam :-))

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