My Macro Econ Professor Sucks

My Macro Econ Professor Sucks.

I know I’ve already said that, but I felt like it needed repeating. 

He’s from Latin America, has a very strong accent, and is barely understandable because of it. At first I thought it would be fine. I mean, okay, so he has a very strong accent. He’s at least trying right? Why fault him because of it. Why give him a bad review just because of that? 

Here’s why: Because I’m paying darn good money for this class, and I deserve someone that can explain the material to me.

I’ve taken this class twice. Both times I got C’s. This is the third time I’m taking it, which, as much as you might think, does not make it easier. 

So, not only do I have to struggle to understand what the hell my professor is talking about, but there’re all these other little things he does that drive me up the wall. 

First, he missed the whole first week of school. Then, he missed 3 class periods in the middle of the semester, a whole week and a half, because he was sick. I was still okay with it, because, well because I was horribly sick at the time too and understood that he really couldn’t make it out. 

But, and this is the thing that really drives me crazy, then there’s the way he communicates with the class about assignments. We have to log in to a website to do our homework, and he sends us messages on that website to let us know what’s going on, what’s due when, etc. He tells us each times he posts hw for each chapter and tells us when the hw is due. Each time he tells us what chapter’s homework is due, he refers to the chapter number in roman numerals. This would be fine, except that he does it wrong. I’m about ready to tear my hair out I’m so mad at him. 

First of all, why the need to complicate things? Are you really telling me that it doesn’t take you those extra 10 seconds to think about which roman numeral to put for which chapter? And if it takes you less, that’s because you’re doing it wrong!

(I was very tempted to add something mean to that last sentence).

This is what he said two weeks ago:

Dear all, I posted the HW on chapters XVI and XVII, their due date is by Thursday 19 at 8 pm. Tomorrow, we are going to start with chapter XXI, but we are going to talk about chapter XX… Hopefully by Tuesday or Thursday we should finish with this material, then we should cover chapter XXVIII and XIX. The exam will take place the 26th of April in our classroom. See you tomorrow in class, Emiliano.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s a darn confusing email! Plus, our book has 23 chapters, so we can’t possibly be covering chapter 28!

I’m just irritated. He’s changed the dates of both midterms multiple times, as well as what material is covered on each exam. I have enough going on as it is, and simply getting through the chapters and understanding the material is a huge task in itself, I simply do not have the energy to sift through what he’s saying and what he wants from us regarding homework and test material as well. 

The homework due last week covered chapters 20 and 21, and the homework due this week covers chapters 18 and 19. That doesn’t make sense. I even emailed him to ask him if that was correct or if it should be the other way around and he said that it was correct. These chapters go in order, so I can hardly be expected to do chapters near the end of the book without understanding previous chapters.

I had a professor several years ago who was just as horrible in her own way (she was blatantly unfair, while this professor isn’t unfair or mean) and I was very tempted to report her (she told us all a specific answer to a question in class, then marked all our answers wrong when we put that down on the exam. When confronted with it, she asked to be given a day to think about it, then came back and said that maybe she did say a specific answer in class, but we should all have known better). I didn’t, because I didn’t want a bad conscience, but I found out later that she’d been fired because there had been too many incidences of that sort. 

It just seems wrong to report someone like my current professor when he’s so nice. But it also seems wrong to leave it be when students are paying very good money to take this class and have a right to a decent education by him. Especially when this is a basic introductory class on which all future econ classes will build. 

I don’t really have a solution to the problem, it just felt really, really good to vent. 


2 thoughts on “My Macro Econ Professor Sucks

  1. LOL…. wouldn’t time be better spent studying? (i say this as im NOT studying :-)) 😀

    ok we have to lock down… it’s crunch time… MAY 15 we will be free and we can do the ‘jump project’

  2. Lol! Except it was bothering me so much that I couldn’t concentrate! It’s out of the way now, woohoo!


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