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Looking for the Sweet Spot

I like The Wave.  I want The Wave.  I want to kick the person’s butt who denies me The Wave.  Do you know of what I speak?   I am not talking about that thing in the sports stadiums that makes you get off your behind, flail your arms like a Muppet on crack, and spill stuff.  I am talking about that little acknowledgement you get from a fellow driver on the road.  The simple hand gesture that can say “please”, “thank you” or just “I acknowledge you exist”.  The Wave.

Never gave it much thought?  Well, neither did I.  That is, until The Wave was gone. (Feel free to hum a few bars of “Don’t know what ya got, ‘til its gone”, I did)…

Even during my 10 years in LA, where driving is sometimes like something out of a Mad Max movie (only without Tina…

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  1. You know what, I think if I read this post a couple of months ago I would LOL w/ agreement…. lately though, I am making an effort to just stop being so angry…..

    it was weird for me to realize that I was becoming an angry adult (many of us are :-))… I’m just letting go more now and I feel that’s letting more in…

    .the less I feel I deserve, the more liberated I am feeling to recognize that everything good that comes my way is never earned but just a blessing that I will never be able to return to God (or His creations)…

    it’s been hard to let go, but inshAllah i think it becomes easier with time and patience…..i really want to work at this and feel it can be the greatest thing to accomplish…. Allah swt is with those who are patient — and what better ally to face the battles of life could one have?

    🙂 LOVE YOU~!~~~ see u may 15 iA!!!!!!!

    • LOL…. ooops i guess i didn’t explain clearly! sorry about that!!!

      no i meant it in a philosophical sense…. like letting go of the little annoyances of someone not waving back, etc

      and to just realize that none of us don’t really deserve anything… it is all given to us by the Creator of the Universe

      OOPS… sorry didn’t explain too well… AWW but im touched that you cared….. this is even better than when you got mad at me….:-) *feeling special* 😀 LOL

      LOVE YOU!!!

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