The Unsinkable Mesh

An unsinkable mesh

 Created of metal, green and blue.

As we watch it wander, it suddenly stops

An unheard of connection, an impossible to believe situation.

Does talking create love?

Or is there something incommunicable between them?

At first glance, a friendship.

At second glance, passion.

No questions linger, no thoughts remain.

A finality splendors, a destination commands.

There can be no other way, no other thought.

If this is what it is, how can she go on?

As words turn to love, a passion she cannot forget

Springs forth and makes her stumble.

Like a drunken sailor, captaining a boat

Her life becomes unworthy.

Her road becomes dirt.

As we watch her move, her movements are slurred

Her emotions overwhelm her, her uncertainties bend her.

When meshes bind together, what hope can there be?

If he will not speak, what way is there for them?

Passion is one thing, but certainty another.

Certainty of him, how can that be?

A belonging in space, tight as can be.

As a binding takes place, a majesty consumes her

A nobleness lifts her, and, in the light, keeps her.


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