Port of Morrow

So, remember how excited I was about Broken Bells? Brian Burton and the awesomeness that is James Mercer’s voice?

Well, I decided to give The Shins a try. I only knew “New Slang” and a handful of other songs they’d done, no full albums. I bought Oh, Inverted World, but it proved to be a disappointment. The only song I enjoyed was “New Slang”, and even that started to sound a little too depressing.

Then I gave their new album a try. Port of Morrow is awesome. I’m absolutely loving every single song on this album. I’m hooked, addicted. Can’t get enough of it. When was the last time I had this reaction to an album? Oh, that’s right, Broken Bells! Good old James Mercer, he has yet to disappoint on his newer material. The best part is, I still have Meyrin Fields to discover before I run out of newer James Mercer material. Life can be good.

Some of my favorite songs from Port of Morrow are below. The snob in me winces at the pop-ness of that last song, “It’s only life”, but then I remind myself I’m listening to The Shins and the fact that they’re considered an indie rock band, and that they’re from the great indie city of Portland, puts me a little at ease. 🙂

Now, all that’s left to do is to find someone to go to their concert with. This is getting pretty ridiculous, this is the 2nd time in less than 3 months I’ve had trouble finding a concert buddy. What’s up with all my friends not having the same awesome taste in music as me?! I’m determined to not miss this one. House of Blues, here I come!





2 thoughts on “Port of Morrow

  1. I was worried that the Shins were gone for good after Wincing the Night Away and the formation of Broken Bells but I am more than happy to be proven wrong. While I share the same disappointment as you towards their “masterpiece” Oh, Inverted World, my disdain for the Shins is quickly fading away because of this album. “Simple Song” in particular is so witty and well-done. I dig it. I hope you can find a concert buddy!

  2. Couldn’t agree more Marco! Glad to hear I’m not the only person who thought Oh, Inverted World was horrible. So many people love that album (I was taken in initially by all the great reviews it got on Amazon. I know I’m not going to base my future purchases solely on Amazon reviews from now on!) that I get shunned whenever I bring it up among fans of The Shins!

    Port of Morrow is thankfully incredible, and you’ll be happy to hear that I was able to find a concert buddy for The Shins. Just bought my tickets. Now the hard part is waiting for October!

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