I Swear I Had This Dream Last Night

Bush junior on a stage with Obama. The polls are closing, the polls close, and Bush wins. By a lot. He turns to the camera and says, with an evil smile, his first public words in 4 years: “I’m back”.

Obama, heartbroken, doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand how the people cannot see that he’s there for them, that he cares about them and has been working to help them. He leaves not understanding. If you want Bush again, you want Bush again, fine, we’ll see what he does for you. (Take us to war with Iran?)

I remember the horribly evil smile from Bush, and the incredulity from Obama. The evil smile and the horrible thought of him coming back for a third term were what allowed it to be classified as a nightmare. 

A metaphor for my life with my students? Maybe. But maybe, as much as I’m ignoring the election and paying zero attention to the news, it’s as much on my mind as anybody else’s. 


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