Washington, D.C., and Georgetown University

I walked to Georgetown University blindly when I visited DC several years ago. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day – cool and crisp, and I thought that that was the way the weather always was in DC until I passed two students crossing each others paths and one commented on how beautiful the first day of Spring was. I asked one of them for directions. I’d gotten off the bus on Georgetown street, main Georgetown, and made a turn onto a street that climbed up hill, then made a left onto another street, further inside and packed with adorable houses (town homes?). Trees covered the front, hiding half of each house from outside view. I glanced inside one as I passed it, the window was open and the view was clear. The weather, combined with the glorious trees and friendly banter between the students made it seem as if there were no barrier between the outside and the inside. The window was green and wooden, a cross hatch like the kind they have on log cabins.

The bus driver had told me that I would see Georgetown once I turned  left, I couldn’t miss it. The boy I asked told me to walk a little ways ahead and that it would be on my right, I was going the right way. There was no real barrier either between Georgetown University and DC, the way I thought there would be. I had expected there to be one, but it turned out that it was DC I was looking for, and Georgetown was a boon but not necessary. Or maybe I just felt that way because I had Georgetown, I didn’t need to fight for it at the time.

Nothing happened that day, or in the years that have past since. Except that I now have an image in my head that is not completely made up. I definitely had an image in mind before going to DC, but it wasn’t a disappointment when I encountered the reality. In fact, it fit so smoothly into what I needed that I didn’t even know my two worlds weren’t the same until now. Or maybe that’s not accurate. It wasn’t that reality fitted into my imaginary world, it was that reality was so much better. There was no loneliness because I was only there for a handful of days; and there was interaction with people in academia and with people outside of it, with family and friends. There was beauty, and there was public transportation. There was walking, and there was discovering. And there was the fact that it was Washington, D.C. The D.C.


3 thoughts on “Washington, D.C., and Georgetown University

  1. first — i miss my sister!!!!!! i can’t wait to catch up sooon inshAllah!! ill call you as soon as i finish my last final on dec 12!!

    OMG. I love the way you describe this experience. SO romantic!!!!! 🙂 (i know how you love romanticizing:-))

    It’s so beautiful and incredible when we dream big — and God makes the reality even more beautiful than our dream. I think it really speaks to Allah swt’s power that He can create even more beautiful than we can imagine. SubhanAllah! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me this incredible power and gift Allah swt gives to us. I will keep my mind and eyes open 🙂

    And I’m really happy you wrote this post about D.C! B/c I know how much the city means to you!!!

    It’s funny how a city can have so much emotional meaning — but it does and it’s so nice to celebrate it. Kind of like all the musical tributes that are made to New York! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PHOeXIPNZE

    Thanks for taking me along this romantic journey to D.C!!!! Remember our other shared romantic moments? Like when you came to UH/Houston from Saudi and we met here in Houston after so long!?!!!

    SISTERS!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. I’m looking through your posts — and OMG it looks like I missed a few!!!!

    I don’t know how this happened!?!!! I’m going to have to check my email settings.

    After I do that, I will commence memorization. LOL remember how I memorize your writings!? Even back in the ‘junooni’ days ;-))

  3. omG I miss you more! I haven’t been able to do anything, been kept busy with family and work and stuff, but I miss you so much! Don’t call me on the 12th (lol, that sounds mean!), I’ll call you on the 15th or 16th iA depending on when I finish with everything. I miss you so, so much!

    I’m so glad I was able to take you with me on my journey. That moment in time has stayed with me, and I think about it often. My posts have been scattered and all over the place so it’s probably a good thing that you haven’t read them yet haha.

    Love you so much!

    P.S. I am so touched by your memorization of both past and present posts! lol!

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