Correspondence is a beautiful thing. Serious correspondence between two people who have never met, especially if it is done voluntarily in order to assist or inform, is truly beautiful. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it must have been prior to the internet. 



3 thoughts on “Correspondence

  1. Truth! Our opportunities to connect expand with the Web, but I cherish the authenticity of a handwritten letter. There is so much for me to appreciate about this post!

    I came to your blog by mayof your comment on Truth&Cake’s entry about feeling a tad overwhelmed by summer’s speed. I’ve been corresponding by hand on the regular since 2006. My paternal grandma is my most consistent pen pal, and I have come to treasure our exchanges. She is less inclined to talk about herself, but she has surprised me in answering my questions by letter – and in depth too.

    My second most consistent pen pal and I met in college, but I cannot say we spent too much time around one another. After graduating, letters have been our avenue for communication, and I get to know her in a way that I cannot with those I am around in person. The questions I ask in letters seem out of place when meeting someone in public, sometimes.

    Again, a lovely post! And I am presently an aspiring piano and ukulele player 🙂

  2. Wow! I don’t think I know anyone who still corresponds through handwritten letters, I’m impressed!

    I have an uncle who does a lot of travelling, and he began sending me postcards some years back from the places he visited. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those postcards. I’d never really thought of postcards as postcards, as strange as that may sound – I don’t remember ever coming across a postcard and recognizing that postcards were meant to be written on and mailed until I began receiving them from my uncle. I’m travelling now, and for the first time I picked up postcards from everywhere I was and wrote many different postcards to friends and family back home. I’m a writer by nature, I’m at home when I’m writing, and I feel like I need to write to organize my thoughts. I wasn’t getting the time to sit down by myself and write or blog while I was travelling, so my postcards kind of made up for it. The stuff I wrote on those postcards is my journal, and I would never have been able to say any of that properly if I were talking to them in person.

    I’m so happy to hear that you have that relationship with your grandmother. There’s something about letters, even emails if done properly, that really bring out the self, that allow you to be more open than you would in public.

    Also, dang, the ukulele?! I’m pretty sure I’ve never met someone who plays the ukulele either, so right off the bat you get two bonus points 🙂

  3. Goodness me, thanks for all of the support and compliments. You’re making me bloglbush over here 🙂

    I am glad that you treasure your uncle’s postcards. Something I delight in, when composing a postcard, is the intentionality it can require. Small space makes for a brief note. But sometimes I’m more effective when not long-winded.

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